Your Sewing – When to Press, When to Iron

Pushing; when to press and when to iron and exists a distinction?

It is extremely essential to have your iron established all set to go. If you are using an ironing board, you always appear to be getting up and down, great exercise, as long as you breath in and out at the right time, you can eliminate two birds with the one stone. There is another option, if you have the space on your sewing table which is to get June Tailor Quilter’s Cut ‘n’ Press, lots of quilters would not be without one of these and for dressmaking this can be extremely beneficial too, specifically for the smaller sized pieces of the patterns and likewise kids’s clothing.

Did you know there are terms like, Under Press, Top Press and Off Press? They all have meanings and they all must be performed at specific times throughout the sewing of a garment.

How your ended up clothing will get that ‘not’ homemade appearance is by pushing properly while you are comprising the clothing. Pressing joints as you sew will set the stitch and permit your joints to sit neatly and give that expert look.

There is a distinction in between pushing and ironing. Pushing is done when the garment is being constructed and ironing occurs once the garment is finished, used, cleaned and then the ironing happens.

Now for the meanings:

Top Press is continuing the right side and always use a pushing fabric to prevent the nap from flattening and producing a glossy surface area. A Raj cloth is good for this.

Pushing is and up and down motion while ironing is a back and forth sliding motion. While you are sewing a garment is it always pushed. When the garment is completed, worn and or washed it is then ironed.


Off Press, now this is done on the right side of the fabric to eliminate the shine or raise the texture. To do this, put a piece of camp cheesecloth straight on the ideal side of the garment and location a hot dry iron so it just touches the damp cloth.

So there you have it, pushing and ironing same tool, different applications. i must confess, I do utilize the pressing method with a few of my attire and specific fabrics. The pressing cloth is always ready too, takes a little longer sometimes but the results are well worth it.

Under Press – this is pressing on the wrong side of the material.

Pressing is utilized to, firstly set the stitch by steam pressing the area flat. This ravels puckers and allows the sewing to combine into the fabric.